Beautiful castles, beaches and everybody likes beer: Kui's experience in Cardiff
5 April 2017

Kui Shuai is from China, where she works in a bank. She is studying English at English UK member Cardiff and Vale College International and travelling round the UK as much as possible. 

Hello Kui, why did you want to improve your English in the UK? Was it for work?

No, this is not for work, but for me. I had the opportunity and I wanted to make it come true. I want to speak English and order a meal confidently, and travel to more and more places and to talk freely. So I decided to speak the language.

Do you like Cardiff, and your school?

Yes, I like my school and my teachers. I hadn't heard of Cardiff before, but it has got a castle and there is a very beautiful beach and people care. There are multiple shops in the centre, it is cheaper than a big city and the transport is easy.

Your teachers say you've done lots of travelling.

I like travelling, and I like beaches and castles. I've travelled on the train to lots of beaches and castles. 

I've just been to see a rugby match. It was Australia playing Wales at the Millennium Stadium. It was very exciting. And I've been to Edinburgh. I drove by myself to Scotland and it was a long way. I've been to the South West too. 

What do you like best?

I like the beach best and I think Rhossili beach is the most beautiful. Castle Coch in Cardiff is a much wonderful castle. It is very romantic. 

Has anything surprised you here?

Everybody likes beer. There are lots of bars in the city centre and I think drinking a pint at weekend is a big thing. I've drunk beer in a bar near college with all the students and teachers. I like beer. I drink beer in my country.

What will you do next?

I will go back to China after Christmas next month. When I have finished my course I will go to Northern Ireland and spend ten days with my daughter in London. She lives in America. 

Would you recommend learning English in the UK?

Yes, I would be very happy to share my experience learning English in the UK, now I share the experience to my family and to my friends.

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