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11 April 2017

Have you tried Marmite? Turns out it's good for you!

If you want to try something that is only eaten in the UK, you need to eat Marmite on toast.

Marmite is a brown, sticky, salty spread made from yeast. Its adverts stress that people either love it or hate it, and that's true. People either love it on toast or in sandwiches, or run away screaming at the thought.

Researchers at York University found that eating a teaspoonful of Marmite every day for a month calmed the brain, and that may help to keep it healthy and avoid problems. Marmite contains high levels of a vitamin, called B12, which helps the brain and nerves.

Moths eat history

If you are staying in the UK, you may have visited one of our historic houses or castles. They are usually full of old carpets, curtains, furniture and clothes – and there is a problem.

The problem is tiny moths (insects like butterflies). There are two kinds of moth that must eat cotton, wool, silk and leather to survive. Most of the chemicals which were used to kill the moths have been banned, and so they are eating and damaging fabrics in historic buildings. 

English Heritage, which looks after lots of old buildings in the UK, has spent GBP 1 million trying to get rid of the moths. It even has a team of people who specialised in it. Now it is sending visitors home with free moth traps so they can catch the insects at home. The aim of this action is to map out the

Sherlock Holmes meets Easter

Lots of people really like Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor who plays Sherlock Holmes in the UK TV series. And it is Easter this week, the festival where children (and adults) enjoy chocolate eggs and bunnies (which is another name for rabbit).

Prepare yourself for a special chocolate Easter figure, which costs GBP 50 – the Cumberbunny! Yes. It's a chocolate rabbit with a bow tie and Benedict Cumberbatch's face… Scary!

Horse racing winner makes its owners very happy

The Grand National is the UK's most famous horse race, and it happened last weekend. The winning horse, called One For Arthur, won GBP 600,000 for its owners.

It turns out that Belinda McClung and Deborah Thomson only bought the horse (for GBP 60,000) because they wanted something to do while their partners were away playing golf.

Both men were at the course to see the horse win. One of them said: "This is miles better than golfing."


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