Pub culture, great parks and the chance to speak English daily: Fabien talks about his time in the UK
2 May 2017

Fabien Codron is a 31-year-old informatics project manager and comes from Paris. He is studying general English at English UK member The UK College of English in London. 

Hello Fabien - what made you want to improve your English?

I have to do meetings and negotiating with partners for work, so English is important and it would improve my career. Since I started at school my English improved a lot because I am speaking every day. I've taken three months of classes. 

What do you think about your English school?

I like it. We are in a small group of only four or six so it's really nice. We talk a lot, we practice three hours a day. I am enjoying it here.

Is learning English making a difference to your life?

I've met many new friends from abroad and now I can speak with people from all around the world. I can work everywhere now I think. I can find out new information on the internet and I can read an English article and have more information. I need to find a job now and start my integration into the UK.

What do you think of the UK?

I like it. I have discovered the UK has a different culture. It is very close to France but the social life is a bit different. I was surprised by the pub culture, how people meet each other at the weekend. In France we invite people home. 

What is it like to live in London?

I love the parks. There are so many you can try a different one every day if you want, and you can breathe out of the city air.

Has anything surprised you about the UK?

At the beginning it was a bit difficult to find fresh vegetables in supermarkets. It's easier in France. Now we know how to buy food on a website from local farms and we adapted our cooking.

What made you choose to come to The UK College of English?

I know someone who came here and he told me good things about this course. I would recommend learning English in the UK. You won't be leaving European culture but you are in a real English-speaking country.


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