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25 August 2017

David Beckham spends a week building a toy castle

Former Manchester United footballer David Beckham has been in the news this week for a strange reason. He has posted an Instagram picture of himself with a very complicated toy castle made of Lego bricks, a present for his daughter Harper.

The Lego Disney castle is made of 4,000 bricks and has a 490-page instruction book.

When Beckham started building the castle he wrote "I look confused but I'm so excited." It took him just under a week to make.

New Dr Who's first interview

Jodie Whittaker, who will first appear as the next Doctor Who at Christmas, has been talking about her reaction. She is the first woman to play the part in over 50 years, and there was a lot of argument on social media about whether this was good or not.

Whittaker said she does not use social media and so did not see much of the discussion. She said she was "emotional" when she learned she had got the part, because she had always wanted to be an actor and this was her "dream role".

"I'm about to play an alien, a Time Lord. And that, as a girl? Who knew? That's incredible, and really emotional."

She said she had talked to other actors who had played Doctor Who. "It is such an exciting journey you're about to go on, and it is to be enjoyed. There's no advice you can give because no person plays this part the same."

She has also said that she told her mum she had the part, but not her dad, because she was not sure he could keep the secret for months.

Pride and Prejudice back on TV

Almost 25 years ago, Colin Firth became a star when he came out of a lake with his shirt all wet in the TV version of Pride and Prejudice. The shirt stuck to his body and the image became very popular. The novel has been adapted for British TV five times already, and was made into a film 12 years ago.

The new adaptation will be written by a playwright called Nina Raine who is "a devoted fan" of the book – but has never seen any of the other TV versions of it. It is likely to be shown on TV in 2020.

Scholar gets involved in huge row on Twitter

Professor Mary Beard is one of the UK's best-known academics. She is a Cambridge professor, expert in Roman history and TV presenter. She found herself in the middle of a big argument on Twitter, about a cartoon made by the UK's public service broadcaster to educate children about Roman Britain.

The cartoon included a black soldier. Some people said this was not correct, but Professor Beard said it was "pretty accurate" and that there was a lot of evidence of different races in Roman Britain. People on Twitter then started to attack Professor Beard, who remained polite and ended up writing a long blog on what happened. She said she had replied online because ignoring critics "feels to me like leaving the bullies in charge of the playground."


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