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1 September 2017

Do these jokes make you laugh?

The Edinburgh Fringe is one of the world's biggest festivals. It takes over the Scottish city every August, filling every available public room with theatre, music and comedy.

Lots of new comedians become well-known at Edinburgh, and there is a competition to find the funniest joke.

This year's winning joke is from Ken Cheng, who studied maths at Cambridge, dropped out, and became a professional online poker player. His joke was about the new UK pound coin, which was introduced earlier this year.

To understand it you need to know that "change" has two meanings – things not staying the same, and coins.

This is his joke: "I'm not a fan of the new point coin, but then again, I hate all change."

The UK's most popular TV show returns

The Great British Bake Off  is a cookery competition show which starts on TV every August for a couple of months. It chooses a variety of competitors, has the competition in a large tent in the country and has two comedians as well as the judges. Each week, the competitors are given different challenges.

Last year, the show moved TV stations, losing one judge and two comedians. Lots of people were unhappy about this. But the Great British Bake Off started again this week, and got good viewer figures and lots of nice reviews, although people complained about the advertisement breaks.

Wayne Rooney retires from England football team

Wayne Rooney, the former Manchester United striker who now plays for Everton, has said he will not return to the England team.

Rooney, who is 32 in October, has played for England 119 times since 2003. He scored 53 goals, more than any other player, and was close to the record for 125 team performances, held by a former England goalkeeper. He was just 17 when he first played for England and was captain at 24.

He has played with 104 different people on the team.

What do you eat your meals on?

In the UK, it has been fashionable to serve meals in restaurants and pubs on things which aren't plates or bowls. These include chips in plant pots and meals on wooden boards and large flat tiles of slate (a hard grey stone). More unusual are chocolate pudding on a garden tool, waffles in a dog bowl, and cheese on a skateboard.

Some people hate this, and there has been a campaign called We Want Plates (@wewantplates).

Now people have been asked what they think of this. Almost everyone (99 per cent) liked round plates, and 96 per cent liked square plates.

69 per cent said they were happy to eat from a slate, and 64 per cent were happy to eat from a wooden board. The least popular option was a shoe – even if it had never been worn.


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