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13 September 2017

Big week for Prince George

Like lots of other four and five-year-olds in the UK, Prince George has just started school. But not everyone does it watched by a large group of photographers and film crews.

The prince, who is four, goes to Thomas's in Battersea, London, which is a 40-minute journey from his London home. His father, Prince William, took George in on his first day. His mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, has announced that she is pregnant and again suffering from extreme morning sickness which means she could not join her son on his first day at school.

One of the first things the Prince will learn at his school – which costs his parents at least GBP 17,604 a year – is to carry his lunch on a tray.


Snake turns up in bathroom

A five year old boy got a horrible shock when he found a large snake trapped in his family's toilet.

The toilet had not been working properly for a few days, and the family wondered what the problem was. The mum, Laura Cowell, shut the lid and got help from a specialist pet shop which sells snakes and reptiles.

The shop rescued the snake and took it away. The owner, Rob Yeldham, said it was the first time he had ever had to get a snake out of a toilet and that its skin had been slightly damaged by chemicals used to clean the toilet.

After all the publicity, the snake's owner got in touch with the shop. He said the snake – who is called Reggie - had got lost when they moved into their new house, and he apologised to the family for the shock they had. He said he had not warned people that the Royal Python snake was missing, as it is harmless and he thought there might be panic.


Statues of children by schools to improve road safety

In the UK we are always trying to make the roads safer for children, but one new idea is causing a lot of debate.

Schools in Buckinghamshire has just installed special posts (called bollards) which are modelled to look like children. They come as boy and girl (called Bill and Belinda) and are intended to remind drivers to be careful as there are children nearby. They have already been installed in other parts of the UK.

Not everyone is convinced that they work. One person wrote on Facebook that they were "super creepy" and seeing one might scare them into crashing.


What's the UK's ugliest building?

Every year we have a competition to find the UK's most ugly new building. This year the competitors included student housing in Portsmouth and the new entrance to Preston railway station. But the winner of the Carbuncle Cup this year is the GBP 380m Nova building near Victoria Station in London 

Judges said it was "one of the worst office developments central London has seen." It was particularly criticised for the bright red glass points which judges said look like "demented preening cockerels."

What do you think? Do you like the building?


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