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5 April 2018

New book tells strange stories about royal family

The Prince of Wales will be the next king of the UK, and so there is lots of interest in new book about him. The book, called Rebel Prince, has some very strange stories in it.

The author, Tom Bowers, says that the Prince has more than 120 staff including four people who help to change his clothes up to five times a day. He also has staff who pick insects from the leaves of plants at night, using torches.

The book says that when the Prince went to visit a friend, he took his own mattress, toilet seat, toilet paper and two paintings. It also says that he "shrieked" when he first saw food covered in cling film plastic covering, because he didn't know what it was.

The Prince's staff say they will not comment on the claims in the book.

UK park becomes World Heritage Site

UNESCO World Heritage sites are some of the world's most precious places. They include the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids in Egypt.

Now an area of beautiful countryside in the North East of the UK has joined them. The Lake District is an area of mountains and lakes, which has inspired poets and artists. It is also very popular with walkers, climbers, sailors and also people who like running up and down the mountains. In the Lake District, the mountains are called fells, so these people are called fell runners.

There was a special ceremony in Keswick this week, where the Prince of Wales unveiled a special memorial stone at a park overlooking Derwent Water, one of the area's lakes. The Prince also took part in a day of events in the region, including taking a boat trip on another lake and visiting a student-run farm.

Can we keep this weird telephone in the UK?

Have you heard of Salvador Dali? He was a 20th century artist who specialised in "surreal" work, such as paintings of melting clocks, and a sofa made to look like the lips of actress Mae West.

Dali also worked with a poet called Edward James to create some strange telephones. The phones are old-fashioned phones with a dial. The handset – the bit you pick up to talk and hear – is shaped like a white lobster. The pair had the idea for the phone when they were eating lobsters and a shell landed on a telephone. They then made 11. Most of the telephones are now in different countries, and one of the last left in the UK is now up for sale for more than GDP 850,000. The Government has stopped the phone being sold abroad for now to see if it can be bought by someone in the UK.

First holiday weekend of the year

Easter is the biggest religious holiday of the UK, and is celebrated by most people whether or not they are Christians. This is because there are public holidays so people get a long weekend, and because many people celebrate it as the start of spring.

Lots of what we do around Easter comes from non-Christian celebrations of spring. This includes the selling and eating of lots of eggs made from chocolate, and having special hunts for the eggs.

It is also a popular time for people to improve their homes and gardens.

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