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29 June 2018

UK is surprised by the England team in the World Cup

The UK's Premier League contains some of the most highly-paid footballers in the world, but the England football team last reached the quarter finals of the World Cup in 2006. We are used to our team not doing very well.

So the nation was astonished by our second game in the group stage, against Panama. England was five goals ahead before Panama scored a goal, in the second half – and then scored a sixth goal to make sure. England's captain, Harry Kane, is currently the highest scorer in the tournament.

Lots of England fans started getting very excited. The third game in the group stage was less exciting though, as the manager rested eight players from the original team, and they lost 1-0 to Belgium. However, the team goes through to the next stage because they won two games out of three.

UK enjoys heatwave

We've had amazing weather this week. UK summers can be sunny, or grey and rainy, or a mix of the two. But sometimes we just get very hot weather.

This week we've had temperatures of over 32 degrees, and it is forecast to stay hot over the weekend, perhaps with thunderstorms in some places. UK beaches are very busy at the moment.

Where's our fizz gone?

Carbon dioxide is the gas that makes drinks fizzy, and in a hot summer with the World Cup on TV there is a lot of demand for fizzy drinks.

The problem is that there is a shortage of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the UK. CO2 is made in factories which make fertiliser for growing crops. Farmers don't need as much of this in the summer so factories often shut for maintenance, but more than usual are shut this year.

This is affecting some beer as well as non-alcoholic drinks. Some pubs and shops don't have their normal range of beer and drinks. Some food supplies in the UK may also be affected, as carbon dioxide is used to keep food cool as it is delivered to shops.

Best female chef in the world is British

Clare Smyth, who owns a restaurant in London, has been named the world's top female chef at a ceremony in Spain.

At the ceremony, she said there was "a real lack of women recognised at the top of the industry" and hoped there would soon be lots of women on the top 50 restaurants list so there would not be any need for a separate award.

Clare was born in Northern Ireland, leaving home to train at college in Portsmouth, on the UK's south coast, when she was 16.

After that she worked in some of the world's top restaurants. She is the only British woman to have run a Michelin three-star restaurant in this country. She opened her own restaurant in London a year ago, which has won a Best Restaurant award, and also catered for the evening reception at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle).


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