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4 July 2018

British divers find Thai boys in cave

Twelve boys and their football coach went missing in Thailand after a training session almost two weeks ago. Their bikes and football gear were found outside a cave complex, but it was very difficult to search the caves because heavy rain has filled them with water.

This week, the boys were found safe and well by two British divers who managed to get through. A film shows the divers talking to the boys, and telling them that they would come back with food.

The divers and the Thai authorities are now trying to work out the best way to get the boys out safely. The waters have risen in the caves since the boys went in even though it is being pumped out as fast as possible. It would be difficult to teach the boys to scuba dive to get out of the cave, as the way out is complicated and it is impossible to see through the water.

England through to next stage of the World Cup

Fans of the England football team hate penalty shootouts. This is because the team has always lost them. So when Colombia equalised with England during their match, and both sides failed to score in extra time, all the UK fans watching were very worried.

But amazingly the team won on penalties and goes through to the quarter-finals against Sweden on Saturday. The win was particularly good for England manager Gareth Southgate, who famously missed a penalty kick in the Euro 96 tournament and had a very bad time because of it.

It's still very hot in the UK

The heatwave in the UK continues, with almost no rain and high temperatures forecast to carry on for another two weeks. Lots of places won't look as green as usual, as grass has died in the heat and people are being asked not to water lawns to save water.

One place where the grass will stay green is at the Wimbledon tennis tournament, which began this week. The UK's past champion,  Andy Murray, decided not to play in the tournament this year just two days before it began. He has had surgery for a hip injury and decided he is not fully fit.

What are people buying in the UK?

Food experts say there has been a big rise in sales of gin and imperfect vegetables.

Apparently we have spent an extra GBP 500 in supermarkets in the last three months, and one thing we have spent money on is the alcoholic drink gin. Gin is very fashionable at the moment, and lots of companies are making different types and flavours. Sales rose by 40 per cent on last year.

One supermarket has also benefited from selling what it calls "wonky" vegetables. These are fruit and vegetables which are smaller or a strange shape. Sales of these rose by more than three times.

 Another effect of the hot weather is that sales of a small red vegetable called the radish have risen by 30 per cent in the past 3 months.

Food experts say there are several reasons for this. One is that radishes look nice on Instagram photos. Another is that people are eating a lot of salads and adding radishes for a different, spicy flavour.

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