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12 July 2018

Football isn't coming home

People in the UK got very excited about the World Cup. This is because the England team usually does very badly. This time nobody thought they had any chance – but they got to the semi-finals this week. There is a famous football song in the UK called Three Lions On Their Shirts, which includes the line "Football's coming home". Many people have been singing the song, and talking and tweeting about football "coming home."

On Wednesday night most of England fell quiet at 7pm when England's football match against Croatia began. It started well, with an England goal in the first six minutes – but ended at 2-1 to Croatia in extra time. Football isn't coming home this time.

UK greets Donald Trump with protests

The US President, Donald Trump, is visiting the UK and a lot of people are planning to protest about it. There will be demonstrations in London, Oxford, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Some of the protesters plan to make fun of the President. They have created a six-metre high angry baby balloon which looks rather like Mr Trump, dressed in a nappy (diaper) and with a mobile phone in its hand.

The Mayor of London gave permission for the Trump Baby to fly over London on Friday.

Dinner for one popular option

One of the UK's biggest supermarkets is increasing its range of food intended for one person. Tesco has increased the number of products intended for one person by almost 40 per cent this year, including small packs of vegetables, single burgers and small portions of pasta sauce.

The rise in people living alone is one of the biggest social changes of the past 70 years. The number of single-person households has risen by over a million in 22 years. The numbers of people aged 45-54 living alone more than doubled.

How do spiders fly?

Flying spiders may sound like your worst nightmare, but scientists are really interested in how they do it without wings.

Almost 200 years ago scientist Charles Darwin watched hundreds of tiny spiders, attached to short threads of their web silk, float onto his ship the HMS Beagle.

He thought they must have flown at least 60 miles, but nobody knew how. Did the web float on the wind? Or did it have an electric charge which allowed the spiders to ride on the Earth's natural electric fields?

Scientists at Bristol University in the UK have been trying to find out, and now they believe the spiders can fly on electric fields.

Scientist Erica Morley put spiders in a room blocked from all electric fields. She found that the spiders did not try to fly when they were blocked from access to the electric field. When she allowed the spiders to access the electric field they tried to fly. If the field was more powerful, they made more attempts to fly.

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