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27 July 2018

UK summer gets even hotter

You probably don't think of the UK as being a hot country. But it is this summer.

Many places in the South of England haven't had any rain for six weeks, and it is the longest period of dry days since 1969. Overall, the UK has only had 20 per cent of the rain we get in an average summer.

The highest temperature so far has been 33.3 degrees C (91.9F) in Suffolk. However, it is likely that it will get even hotter this week.

The country's weather experts have warned people to stay out of the sun in the middle of the day, and have issued an "amber weather warning" because temperatures are predicted to be at least 30C during the day and 15C at night for at least two days.

Where is the best place to stop on a UK motorway?

In the summer, we often get more ridiculous stories on the news. This week we found out which motorway service stations drivers think are the best and worst in the UK. The winner – on the M6 motorway in Staffordshire – got top marks because its toilets have just been rebuilt.

The worst service station is at Thurrock on the M25 motorway which goes around London. Only two thirds of drivers were happy with their visit there. Overall, just 66 per cent of people were happy about the price of the food and drink in service stations.

Girls get more money than boys for the first time

In the UK, the money parents give their children to spend is called "pocket money". For the first time ever, girls are getting more than boys. A UK bank asks parents of children aged 8-15 how much pocket money they give.

Each week girls now get an average GBP 7.09, and boys get GBP 7.91. The overall amount of pocket money fell by three pence in the last year.

UK museums may get thousands of Titanic goods

The Titanic was a luxury ocean ship which sank on its first voyage to the US in 1912, after hitting an iceberg.

There has been a lot of interest in the tragedy, in which 1,500 people died, with a film and divers saving lots of items from the wreck on the sea bed.

The US owner of the Titanic collection has got big financial problems and British museums are trying to get permission to buy many of the items. They include parts of the ship, its furniture, and passengers' personal possessions. The museums, led by the Titanic museum in Belfast, are trying to keep the collection together and also take over protecting the wrecked ship itself. The museums are backed by James Cameron, who directed Titanic, and the US diver who found the wreck and led expeditions to it.

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