Student Profile: Vasilis Kyratzis from Greece
12 April 2011

Vasilis Kyratzis is 22 and comes from Greece. He is studying general English at English UK member UIC in central London.

What made you want to come to the UK to learn English?

It was like a dream. I didn't have the money for many years but I wanted to come here to improve my English and find a job after my English course, hopefully.

What will you do with your English?

I want to work here because I am already a graduate from a university course in graphic design. Greece is not a good place for design but London is a very good place.

What made you choose to study at UIC?

I was researching on the internet and found three schools. I found this one very friendly and that's why I chose it. I think I made the best choice. I am on the radio course. I think it's very good because we have to interview people and have to use your English.

Is there anything you don't like about the UK?

I don't like the weather. I don't like the rain. But everything else is really fine.

Has anything surprised you living in London?


Would you recommend studying in the UK to your friends?

Yes I would.


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