This week's UK news: 15 April 2011
15 April 2011

Prime Minister takes his wife on a special holiday

People in the UK were very entertained by pictures of prime minister David Cameron taking his wife Samantha on a weekend away for her 40th birthday.

This is because Mr Cameron is believed to be very rich, and yet the pair flew on a budget airline famous for its basic approach. They took only hand luggage, so Mr Cameron was seen wearing the same outfit for two days. And they did not stay in an expensive hotel.

This is not surprising, as Mr Cameron's government is cutting jobs and spending at the moment. It would have looked bad if he had taken an expensive holiday. Advisors would have told the couple to use the same low-cost airline as millions of Britons do for their holidays. But the photos were still very funny.

Do you want to go to university? Read books and don't play computer games

Research at Oxford University has found that teenagers who read books at least once a month are likely to go to university and get a professional job. The chances rose from 35 per cent to 39 per cent for girls and from 48 per cent to 58 per cent for boys.

Playing computer games regularly made the chances of going to university fall, from 24 per cent to 19 per cent for boys and from 20 per cent to 14 per cent for girls.

Researcher Mark Taylor said the results showed there was "something special" about reading for pleasure. The research followed 17,000 people born in 1970. Mr Taylor said that computer games had been less popular and very different in 1986 when the group of people in the research were 16.

Newspaper apologises

Britain's biggest-selling Sunday newspaper has apologised for the actions of some of its staff. It seems reporters have tried to get stories by listening to private voicemail messages of well-known people.

One man was found guilty in court several years ago but there have been rumours since that more people were involved.

Many of the celebrities are now taking the News of the World to court. The newspaper has apologised and offered to pay compensation to a small group of people including a former government minister. The paper says it is co-operating with the police.

…this week's Royal Wedding update

As the date for the wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton gets closer, British journalists are obsessed with the dress the bride will wear.

Newspaper reports this week said that Ms Middleton has ordered three different dresses in case reporters find out too much about one of them. She is apparently determined to surprise her new husband on the day.

More details of the wedding guest list have come out. Prince William has invited four ex-girlfriends to the day, and two of Ms Middleton's ex-boyfriends are on the list.

The wedding is now just two weeks away. Many British people are looking forward to a short week at work then. There is an extra public holiday for the wedding, which comes in the same week as the existing Easter holiday.


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