This week's UK news: July 15 2011
15 July 2011

How to catch a robber

Most criminals keep quiet about their crimes. When police questioned Jonathan Ochola about a robbery in Portsmouth, he told them he had been at home hundreds of miles away that day.
But then the police checked his diary for the day of the robbery. It read: "Go Portsmouth, robbery happens." The 21-year-old had helped a friend steal £500 from a betting shop. He had driven the getaway car.
Police said: "You don't normally get such a good piece of evidence like that. He was foolish enough to put it in his diary. He said in his interview it was stupid."

Pets on Facebook

People in the UK have a reputation for being animal lovers. Now we have found out that one in every ten pets has their own Facebook page, Twitter profile or You Tube channel.
And half of all the owners are putting their pets' pictures online.
At the same time, a third of children reject their parents if they try to become their friends online.  

Deputy Prime Minister does the school run

Politicians in the UK are keen to show that they are good parents.This week the wife of the deputy prime minister gave a magazine interview about how her husband is combining fatherhood and work.
Miriam Gonzalez Durantez said that her husband, Nick Clegg, is "killing himself" to balance his work and his family life. She said he often started the day with early morning meetings before heading back to his home to take the children to school. Miss Durantez is a lawyer who also works long hours.
She said: "We absolutely think it is right that our children come first. Nick kills himself to be able to do it all."

Newspaper scandal grows

The biggest story at the moment in the UK is the "phone hacking scandal" at the country's biggest newspaper group. This story is getting bigger and bigger.
We have found out that the journalists listened to phone messages of people in the news, including murder victims. There are also stories that police sold the Royal Family's phone numbers to the newspapers. There are lots of questions about why the police did not find out these problems earlier.
Now there is an official enquiry into what has happened and Rupert Murdoch, head of the media group involved, has been summoned to answer questions in Parliament. This is going to be a big story for months or years.

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