This week's UK news: 22 July 2011
22 July 2011

Newspaper scandal still top news story

The biggest news story in the UK is still about the journalists who listened to people's mobile phone voicemails. The story has got much bigger this week and now involves London's police force and the Government.
It's very complicated. But London's chief police officer and a very senior colleague have both resigned this week because of the scandal. The Government is involved because the Prime Minister hired a journalist who edited the newspaper involved in the scandal as his press adviser.
This week Rupert Murdoch, whose media company owns the newspaper at the heart of the story, gave evidence to members of parliament. Mr Murdoch, who is 80, was attacked by a protester with a "pie" made of foam. The protester was himself hit by Mr Murdoch's Chinese-born wife. This episode was very popular on the news reports and You Tube.

Royal wedding dress on display

The dress in which Kate Middleton married Prince William goes on show this weekend until October.
It is being displayed during the annual opening of Buckingham Palace in London, and includes the diamond tiara worn by Miss Middleton. Visitors can also see a film in which designer Sarah Burton talks about the dress.
It is a chance to see the details on the dress, which includes many hand-made lace flowers stitched to the silk.
You can see the dress in detail here.

Artist dies

Lucian Freud, one of Britain's best-known artists, has died at the age of 88.
Mr Freud has been known as a realist painter, and specialised in nudes. One picture, of an overweight naked woman sleeping on a couch sold three years ago for GPB 20.6m.
Mr Freud was born in Berlin and was a grandson of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. His family came to Britain in 1933.

Surprising golf winner

The Open, played in Britain, is one of the biggest golf tournaments. It was won this week by Darren Clarke, a player from Northern Ireland. He is 42 years old but it was the first major competition he has won.
The newspapers loved the story of Mr Clarke's win for several reasons. The first was that he is an old-fashioned sportsman and celebrated with Guinness beer and cigars. The second is that Mr Clarke's wife died in 2006, leaving him with two young boys.
Now there are calls for the Open to be played at Mr Clarke's home course at Portrush in Northern Ireland. Mr Clarke said: "Friends and family say, get out there and practise and keep going, keep going, keep going, and that's why I'm sitting here now."

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