This week's UK news: 23 March 2012
23 March 2012

Royal palace reopens

A royal palace re-opens to visitors on Monday after a GBP 12 million renovation.
Kensington Palace in London is well-known to most people because it was the London home of Princess Diana, but much more of its history will now be on show to visitors.
There is a new 10-room exhibition about Queen Victoria, which includes her first shoes, her wedding dress and one of the black dresses she wore when she became a widow.
There is also a temporary exhibition of Princess Diana's dresses.

Another big lottery win for UK

The bus service in an English town may have lost a quarter of its drivers -- because they won the Euro Millions lottery.
The 12 drivers at Stagecoach in Corby were in a "lottery syndicate" -- putting in money to buy tickets each week and promising to share any wins. Last week they won GBP 38 million, which is more than GBP 3 million each.
Lots of the drivers called in to say they could not work this week, and their colleagues do not expect to see them driving buses again. Drivers from other areas were called in to fill the gaps, and local people without jobs were getting in touch.

Football match abandoned when player collapses

Premier league footballer Fabrice Muamba collapsed during the weekend's game between Bolton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur, and was "effectively dead" for over a hour.
Medical staff rushed over to help Muamba when his fellow players screamed for help, and a heart doctor in the crowd was also able to help. The player was given medical help and rushed to a London heart hospital. The game was abandoned and no decision has been made on when or if it will be played.
Muamba is still in intensive care but recovering. People are surprised but very pleased that he is doing so well.

For sale: a dream lifestyle

Steve Graham moved to the seaside town of Whitstable ten years ago and fell in love with it. He and his wife bought a house and a beach hut, and set up a thriving ice-cream business.
Now Mr Graham wants to move on, and sell everything. Unusually, he is selling everything as one package, what he calls a "lifestyle portfolio". He hopes to find a buyer who will want to live in his house, use his beach hut, run his ice cream parlour -- and maybe even his small boat. Together, they will cost around GBP 675,000.
He wants a buyer who is serious about starting a new life in Whitstable. "I'd like someone to come and embrace the town," he said. "People fall in love with it."  

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