Your accommodation

Finding somewhere to live

Most of our accredited centres can help you arrange accommodation. Finding a place to live in another country can be difficult and can also take time, so this is one of the great advantages of choosing a centre through English UK.

Your options will typically include residential, homestay, hotels and hostels.


Many international students in the UK live in student accommodation. They rent in halls of residence, student houses or flats, usually with their own room but sharing a kitchen and bathroom. If you prefer more privacy, sometimes it's possible to request a room with an en-suite bathroom.

There are many benefits of residential accommodation: independence, being close to campus and school life, and the ease of making friends with other international students.

Most daily contact is with other non-native speakers of English though. So, although this works for some people, it may not suit you if you are travelling to the UK to immerse yourself in the English language and British culture.


Homestay means you live with a family - in your own room or sharing with another student.

Staying with a host family may be a better option than residential if you want to practise the language with native English speakers and engage more with British culture. You share the host's everyday life, speaking English all the time, eating with them, and meeting other English-speaking people.

Sometimes, lasting friendships are made during homestays.

Hotels and hostels

There will also be a wide range of hotels and hostels on offer, from budget student hostels to five star hotels. Your language centre will be able to recommend some good local options.