How to stop talking about yourself and start connecting with people
23 January 2017

In our daily interactions most of us know that the best way to engage with people is to focus on them, rather than just shout about how great we are. Yet when it comes to marketing, this is something we all too often forget.

We get caught up in listing the amazing features of our products and services, and we risk leaving our audience cold, says award-winning copywriter and strategist Ruth Jamieson. We're like 'that guy' at the party who won't shut up about himself.

At the English UK Marketing Conference on Friday 3 February, Ruth's plenary session - Enough about me, what do you think about me? - will explore how to engage more deeply with our audience and develop more meaningful connections by focusing on them first and ourselves second.

Using live case studies we'll look at the vital principles of putting the audience first, whilst getting key messages across. And we'll uncover tips and tricks that are easy to implement however big or small your organisation.

Ruth Jamieson is the creative director of communications agency Think. Make. Do Ltd. She lectures at The London School of Fashion and the University of the Creative Arts and has worked with clients from British Airways to Marmite to Drinkaware and the Houses of Parliament.

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