Drive online business with content, SEO and customer journey mapping
12 December 2019

Marketing Conference 2019 plenary speaker

Rise up the google rankings and improve your conversions at the Marketing Conference

We are excited for a set of great sessions to help you improve your online presence at the English UK Marketing Conference on Friday 7 February 2020. Join us to learn more about driving online business with content, SEO and customer journey mapping.

Richard Bradford of Disquiet Dog will be sharing tips to make sure you are noticed online with and how to get your search engine optimisation right.

Richard said: "this talk will help get more self-converting direct bookers, rather than assume you'll spend forever trying to convert people via your CRM. You'll rethink how you might redeploy your existing people so that everyone points in the right direction."

George Chilton, of Hubbub labs, is joining us from Barcelona to lead a session on growing your business with content marketing. George, and his colleague Dan, have a background in ELT and are prolific content producers – join their session for tips to help your strategy and production of content, with the aim of getting people in that sales funnel, from someone who understands your industry.

"Our workshop will show you how to use content as part of your education marketing strategy to reach, engage and capture a wider audience of potential students," says George. "We'll also take a look at social media trends and how best to use them to your advantage, so your learners and potential customers start engaging with you online."

And, to help you get those all-important conversions, Nicola Lutz of No Fluff will present on sales journey mapping. Nicola will: "help you think from the buyer perspective about your sales touchpoints and beyond. You'll get some steps to building your own customer journey maps and from there, creating a more seamless booking and referral journey." Come along to find out how to improve the customer journey, increase sales and even create brand ambassadors.

We are always keen to include sessions that empower members to make changes when they get back to the office. These sessions, from people who know ELT and marketing inside out, will give attendees lots of ideas for change that don't cost a penny.

Conference Producer Tom Weatherley said: "I've been in sessions by all three, and I know attendees will get a huge amount from the talks. Either side of this we've got two inspiring and uplifting plenary sessions, so you'll leave with ideas to try and the energy and drive to make them happen."

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Aimed at all professionals promoting, marketing and selling English language courses to study abroad agents and international students, the English UK Marketing Conference is the event to upskill your marketing staff.

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Richard Bradford 130x180

How SEO will make Salesforce redundant

Search engine optimisation is here to stay, because proper SEO is about helping Google to do its job better. And when you get that right, really right, you open the flow to customers who book themselves onto your courses. 

Richard Bradford is the MD of Disquiet Dog, the RAR recommended digital agency specialising in the education sector. The fast-growing team delivers a wide range of custom digital solutions which boost profitability and increase student recruitment.


 George Chilton 130x180

Growing business with content marketing

Social media channels and search engines give marketeers in education an immense amount of power to engage people and grow their brands. But with nearly 80 million blog posts being written every month on WordPress alone, people are suffering from content overload. 

So what would make someone click on your content, watch your videos and enter your sales funnel? Learn the ins and outs of a SMART content strategy, take a look at your objectives, and come to understand your audience better than ever before. Come away with the confidence to create amazing content that converts. Who knows, maybe you'll even write the next great viral video!

George Chilton is a writer with bylines in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Next Web, CrunchBase and GeekTime, amoung others. He is also the co-owner and Creative Director of Hubbub Labs, a Content Marketing agency for startups and education companies. Today, he helps companies grow their businesses with entertaining and targeted content and copy.


 Nicola Lutz 130x180

Sales journey mapping

Customers, both direct and agent, go through various stages before they buy from or represent centres. It is not love at first sight (usually).

By looking from the outside-in, and gaining a sense of client actions, motivations, pain points and touchy feely emotions at each stage we can improve their journey, increase our sales and referrals and create brand ambassadors. Sound good? We'll lay out a few basic steps to help you make your own maps.

With 23 years in International Education, Nicola Lutz is the Owner of No Fluff, which grows companies around the globe through their sales, marketing and finance functions; Virtual Sales Leader of several businesses (in and out of this sector); Director of StudyTravel and Advisor to the charity Student Minds.


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