RefuAid plans expansion to meet needs of Ukrainian refugees
6 June 2022

Refuaid language project team

RefuAid plans expansion to meet needs of Ukrainian refugees

We are very grateful to our member centres which have offered free courses to RefuAid's refugee and asylum seeker clients since 2015, enabling over 600 people to continue their education or careers in this country.

Since we formed a partnership with RefuAid last autumn, we've been blown away by the interest from members.

"Schools have been amazing," RefuAid's language lead Mohib Ullah says, adding that there has been a great deal of interest, intensifying in the past few weeks. We'll bring you the latest figures on how many member centres have signed up to join the scheme or offer new places later in the summer.

But for now, the number of refugees arriving from Ukraine on top of many people already waiting for English language help leading to IELTS or OET means RefuAid is further scaling up its programmes and needs even more help. It says: "We are looking to expand our partnerships with English language schools across the country and online. We are working with English UK… and we anticipate an increase from 91 schools to at least 200, this year alone. We are currently supporting 302 students on this programme, and as school capacity grows, we are aiming to increase this to at least 1000 and will be hiring additional caseworkers to facilitate this."

The charity says it is not prioritising people on their nationality but recognises the additional demand the Ukraine war has brought: it believes around 27,000 Ukrainians have arrived since the war began, on top of 12,000 Afghani refugees already in the UK.

For more information on RefuAid's programmes, or to find out more about what they are doing in response to the war in Ukraine, please contact or visit the RefuAid website for more information about becoming a partner school.

RefuAid and English UK

RefuAid partners with UK language teaching centres to give their clients access to the language teaching they need to pass IELTS or OET exams, allowing them to continue their careers or education in the UK.  The charity also provides loans enabling clients to get the UK accreditation and training they need to return to work.

More than 80 English UK centres have supported over 600 RefuAid clients to get the IELTS or OET qualification they needed since the charity was founded in 2015.

RefuAid needs more centres to offer free places to its clients. If you can help, visit the RefuAid website for more information about becoming a partner school.



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