A warm welcome to more new members
25 July 2023

A warm welcome to more new members

We are delighted to welcome six new English language centres into membership this June and July: English Path Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester; Kaplan International London 30+; British Learning Academy and Hello! Exmouth.

We look forward to meeting their teams at one of our events very soon.

English Path, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester

Location: Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester
Student age: Young learners aged 16+; adults aged 18+

Located in some of the most exciting UK cities, these schools offer a range of full-time and part-time courses year-round for young learners and adults. Part of Global Education Group, English Path aim to help students achieve their English language learning goals and give them the experience of a lifetime.

Kaplan International London 30+

Location: London
Student age: Adults aged 30+

Part of the Kaplan International group and located close to the city's main business district, Kaplan International London 30+ offers courses with a professional or academic focus for adults over 30-years old. Students benefit from networking events and lectures which offer insight into different professional and business environments in the UK and a bespoke social programme.

British Learning Academy

Location: Chichester, West Sussex
Student age: Young learners aged 11 – 17

Located in Chichester, once a Roman settlement, British Learning Academy provides residential English language and activity programmes for groups of students aged primarily 11-17 years. Chichester is famous for its Cathedral, Festival Theatre, Historic City Walls and much more.

Hello! Exmouth

Location: Exmouth, Devon
Student age:  Young learners aged 11 – 17

Located in a charming traditional British seaside town, Hello! Exmouth has more than 30 years of experience in junior programmes. Open year-round (including bank holidays), it offers lessons in small classes, homestay accommodation and a fresh and engaging activity programme for all.

Membership of English is open to all British Council accredited UK English language teaching centres.

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