English UK and RefuAid: the difference you've made
18 August 2023

English UK and RefuAid: the difference you've made

Support from schools and teachers are shaping the lives of many 

Mohib Ullah, RefuAid's former head of language, says: 'The classroom environment is a pivotal experience that allows our community to learn English, integrate, and gain diverse experiences. The support from schools and teachers is shaping the lives of so many, making a positive impact which fills me with happiness and drives me to keep doing what I am doing. I hope you, as a supporter and ally, feel the same. Thank you to everyone on behalf of our resilient and hopeful community.'

Requests for support now at 260 a month 

The report says requests for support are now running at 260 a month, with 1,610 clients supported on various programmes during the year to April 2023. The largest number of applications were from Ukraine, followed by Syria and Iran.  

1,610 individuals supported in the last year with 598 on the Language: a gateway programme 

There were 598 RefuAid students on language programmes, 192 of whom got the qualifications they needed for their next step. 98% of those surveyed were happy with the support and quality of the tuition provided. Many of the RefuAid clients were studying with an English UK member and others had 1-2-1 lessons with volunteer tutors who donated roughly £50,000 worth of tuition in the year.  

Of the students who got the language qualifications they needed, 41% went on to study at UK university, 27% were healthcare providers working towards requalification and 32% were other experienced professionals including engineers, lawyers, data scientists and vets 

175 previous language graduates graduated in the past year from degree courses including maths, aeronautical engineering and business management.  

RefuAid also helps its clients get into university and work, sometimes with the help of loans. It has lent almost £2m to clients – almost three quarters of whom were on state benefits before requalifying – and repayments are running at 98%. 

RefuAid student studying at IH Newcastle has gone on to achieve a masters' degree from the University of East London 

Tamana, who passed her IELTS at International House Newcastle in 2020, went on to get a masters' with distinction at the University of East London and is now working to support displaced women with mentoring opportunities and leadership training. She said: "Today I graduate as living proof that dreams can be realised, no matter how difficult the journey may be.  

'I dedicate my degree to all Afghan girls who have been denied access to education and to all displaced people in the UK who are facing challenges and barriers to access education.  

'This is not just my achievement but a collective victory for the indomitable spirit of every refugee, every girl denied an education, and every dreamer who refused to surrender to the darkness. Let us celebrate this milestone together and carry the torch of hope and resilience into a brighter, more inclusive future.  

'To all the individuals, my family, friends, mentors and professors who have played a part, big or small, in my journey, I say thank you!'

Could your centre help in 2023-24?  

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