Build confidence across management disciplines with the DELTM
5 September 2023

Build confidence across management disciplines with the DELTM

The DELTM - Diploma in English Language Teaching Management - is back this autumn.

It's the only diploma-level qualification tailored to managers, directors and principals at ELT centres.

Through ten modules, participants gain a well-rounded knowledge of ELT centre operations and the confidence to take on key managerial responsabilities.

Our trainers share some of the highlights and benefits of the course:


Fiona Dunlop 2

Academic management: offer tailored, impactful CPD at all levels

Fiona Dunlop, principal at Wimbledon School of English, leads our academic management module:

"The module is extremely practical and really looks at how to build academic excellence within a school, particularly through tailored and impactful professional development at all levels.

We look at how to ensure that individualised CPD is integral in the school and has a real benefit to students and to the growth and reputation of the organisation."

George Pickering

The modern manager: find time to implement great ideas

George Pickering, the DELTM course director, teaches the management theory modules:

"The Modern Manager module gives DELTM participants the personal effectiveness foundation that they need to be managers for the long term.

Participants learn how to plan their time and prioritise tasks, so they can find the time to implement the great ideas they will learn on the course. They also learn how to improve their own wellbeing, as well as positively influencing others to do the same."

Anne Hawkings

Marketing & sales: gain the confidence to launch new products

Our marketing trainer Ann Hawkings says: "This module puts product development and marketing into context for the language travel industry. It's great for all ELT managers because marketing requires input from people with many different roles in the company.

By learning about the marketing mix, participants gain the confidence to launch robust and viable new products. The group discusses approaches and shares feedback based on their own experiences."

Terry Phillips

Making a profit: everyone has a key role to play

Terry Phillips leads the Making a Profit module:

"Profit in English language teaching is everybody's business. The whole team contributes to meeting targets including average class size, average net income per student and product mix.

When people see how their target directly impacts profitability, they begin to understand the key role they play in their organisation.

One participant emailed me a few months after completing the course to say he had been promoted to Director of Studies, thanks to the skills he acquired on the course, particularly in financial management."


Join our 2023/24 DELTM cohort

The 2023/24 DELTM course runs from Friday 6 October 2023 to Friday 22 March 2024.

There are limited places still available. 


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