Farewell to Board member Catrin Diamantino
6 October 2023

Farewell to Board member Catrin Diamantino

We're sorry to say goodbye to board member Catrin Diamantino, who has stepped down after five years as an English UK trustee.

Catrin, former chief executive of Bell Educational Services Ltd, has left the ELT sector for a new role. She is now president of international sales offices for Educatius, which focuses on high school programmes for international students.

"We're grateful for all Catrin's work and very sorry to see her go. Her experience and good sense were a great asset to the Board. We wish her the best for the future," said Mark Rendell, chair of the Board.

Richard Simpson, director of the University of Sheffield ELT centre, replaces Catrin on the Board until the next elections in Spring 2024. Richard has recently been a co-opted member for the Board, representing public sector centres.

What motivated Catrin to stand for the Board?

Speaking about her time as a board member, Catrin said: "I wanted to give back to the EFL industry, which has been such a big part of my life since 1998. Being a Trustee during the most challenging time our industry has ever faced was an incredible experience. I am so proud of the English UK team, the Board and all our members who showed such resilience and amazing support of each other. "

"On another note, I am so pleased to see a significantly more diverse board than the board I joined."

Catrin is positive about the future of the industry: "English UK's new position paper is spot on - it looks beyond the pandemic and into the future. It provides an excellent road map that can truly take our industry into a very bright future. I am convinced that the UK, with the right support, will always be the number one EFL destination as we have so much to offer."

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