Membership fees

English UK membership fees and subscriptions: how they work

Corporate members

Our membership fee for ELT service providers is £1,025 + VAT per annum in 2022. Eligible service providers can join as corporate members at any time during the year and will be charged on a pro rata basis.

Language centre members

For English language teaching centres our membership fee has two components: a basic subscription; and a supplementary subscription. Supplementary subscriptions are based on the size of the member's English language teaching business, measured in student weeks or an equivalent. Basic subscriptions include a compulsory contribution towards our Student Emergency Support fund.

English UK also manages the invoicing for language centre members' annual Accreditation UK fee payable to the British Council and, if you have signed up for it, the Copyright Licensing Agency fee

The English UK financial year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Changes to subscription rates are agreed annually.

The difference between private and state sector subscriptions

Private and state sector language centre members are invoiced in slightly different patterns. 

Private centre subscriptions

In 2022 invoices for basic subscriptions were issued in Q1. Invoices for supplementary subscriptions were issued in Q3.

Private sector member centres are required to pay by direct debit in instalments. In 2022 private sector members can opt to pay their basic subcription in ten instalments (rather than the usual five). 

In 2023 private sector members will pay their basic subscriptions from January in seven instalments.

State sector subscriptions

In 2022 subscription invoices (including the annual Accreditation UK fee) for state sector member centres will be issued in the first quarter of the year. 

Subscription types: basic, supplementary and group

In 2023 we are proposing to raise basic and supplementary subscriptions by 6%. This proposal is subject to a ballot of the members in November 2022.

Basic subscriptions

The majority of individual member centres pay the same basic subscription, which is £1,459 in 2022.

There are reduced rates for very small centres that have fewer than 500 student weeks, while those who have group membership of English UK will pay a discounted rate for the second and subsequent centres.

Supplementary subscriptions: how much you will pay

One student week is calculated as one student taking ten or more hours of tuition in one week.

The supplementary subscription charges for 2022* are:


Number of student weeks

Supplementary subscription (2022)*


< 1,000



1,001- 2,000



2,001- 6,000



6,001- 10,000



10,001- 20,000



20,001- 30,000



30,001- 40,000



40,001- 70,000



70,001 - 100,000



100,000 - 125,000






Group subscriptions in 2022

Groups of language teaching centres consisting of accredited centres in the same ownership will normally be treated as a group, and pay:

  • £1,459 for the group plus
  • £1,313 for the second and each subsequent centre joining the group i.e. £2,772 for a group of two centres, £4,085 for a group of three centres etc.
  • A supplementary subscription based on the aggregated total of the student weeks taught by all centres in the group.

Applications to be treated as a group must be made or renewed every January. The association has discretion to decide what arrangements constitute a 'group' and continue to constitute a group. If a group ends its direct debit mandate, its individual centres will be assessed separately for their supplementary subscriptions.

Very small centres

English UK offers reduced basic subscription rates to enable the smallest ELT centres to join the association. Centres that have fewer than 500 student weeks are eligible for these reduced rates. Eligibility is based on student weeks declared when joining for new members and, thereafter, on student weeks submitted in the previous year's student data submission e.g. for 2022, the 2021 student data submission (2020 student weeks).  

In 2022, centres that recorded between 251 and 500 student weeks in 2020 (as submitted to English UK in early 2021) pay a reduced basic subscription rate of £1,087. Those that recorded less than 250 student weeks pay £844.

Other fees for member centres

Copyright Licensing Agency fee

Private sector member centres can join the English UK Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) licence fee payment scheme, which gives members a saving of well over 50% per annum. For full details of the CLA payment scheme visit CLA & MPLC fees.

Accreditation UK annual fee

The Accreditation UK annual fee is calculated according to student week figures. Once member centres have submitted their annual student week data to English UK, English UK invoices for the accreditation fee on behalf of the British Council who administer the accreditation scheme on a day-to-day basis. This invoicing arrangment enables member centres to benefit from paying their accreditation fees in five instalments as opposed to one single payment.

The British Council's financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March.

Accreditation UK annual fees (2022/23)


English UK member centres

Band 1

0 < 2,000 student weeks  



Band 2

2,000-5,000 student weeks



Band 3

>5,000 student weeks



SES All accredited centres not in English UK membership are required to pay an additional £200 contribution to English UK's Student Emergency Support.