Kub Travel Enterprises
Contact Magdalena Jugovic
Address Dzordza Vasingtona 34, Belgrade, 11000
Country Serbia
Telephone +38 111 3033403
Website www.kub.rs
Email office@kub.rs

KUB Travel Enterprises was established in 1993 and operates solely as a language travel agent and educational consultant. We send students from the age of 7+ on language courses world-wide, ranging from junior vacation courses to adult courses, exam preparation courses and business and executive courses. The primary language travel destination is the UK, but we also send students to the USA, France, Italy, Spain etc. The majority of our students are teenagers and university students, attending language courses of various intensity and levels during the summer holiday. We also place students in secondary education in boarding schools, usually for the last two years of secondary education either in A Levels, IB, or to the USA for the American High School Diploma. A number of students also opt for various tutorial colleges which give them more flexibility in choice of subjects and learning pace. Every year we help a number of students with their placements into universities in the UK and the USA. KUB Travel Enterprises supports the students through the process of choosing universities and subsequently with the application and visa process. We are the only agency in Serbia which operates solely as a language travel agency. KUB Travel Enterprises has representative offices in Montenegro and in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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