Odessa Language Study Centre
Contact Alexander Revyakin
Address 10 Marazlievskaya, Odessa, Odessa Region, 65014
Country Ukraine
Telephone +380482347798
Website www.oxford.odessa.ua www.studyrus.com
Email alexander@studyrus.com

Odessa Language study Centre was founded in 1995 as a private foreign languages school for Ukrainian students. Always providing the great service for its clients OLSC started to develop and considered to create 2 more departments: Russian as a foreign Language and Study Abroad department. Nowadays OLSC is the biggest and the most qualified educational institution in Odessa and is very glad to provide any service and help with any demand our clients might have. Being a family business OLSC is willing and able to act as a high professional who is proud to offer a high range of educational services making the language education available and easy. Study Abroad Department is a very important part of OLSC and we are trying to do our best to provide a big range of schools and language courses, finding new partners and schools all the time. We always visit the new partner schools to have an opportunity to provide our clients with the most complete information about the course and school they wish to visit. We look forward to finding new partners and gaining new students to send abroad.

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