Travel Studies Association - TSA
Contact Annalisa Cucco
Address via Seminari 9, Biella, 13900
Country Italy
Telephone +39 01520599

TSA is recognised in Italy by the Italian Authority and works together with the Italian Educational Ministry to develop projects dedicated to schools. TSA offers the opportunity to learn a language along with the culture of the language. We propose a wide range of destinations internationally. We place young students under 18 in rich and involving international experiences. Adults can live a language and culture in the actual country for linguistic, cultural and personal enrichment. We offer international executives specialised linguistic programmes and language courses are held in high standard residential locations. All teachers are specialised in teaching foreign languages and the schools are accreditated by quality control institutions. TSA gives quality, experience, didactic support, linguistic exams and advice for choosing the best programme and destination according to the students, their interests and specific needs.

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