Allterra Education
Contact Marina Byakisheva
Address Of. 415, Vvedenskogo Kanala St. 7, Saint Petersburg, 190013
Country Russia
Telephone +7 812 3136445

Allterra Education is a full-service education abroad agency based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We were launched in 2012 as a department of All-Terra Group which has been operating on the market of travel arrangements for corporate customers since 2003. In two years’ time we have grown from a start-up to the company with an acquired distinctiveness. We have managed to gain customers’ confidence and develop a strong reputation among our partners.

We are striving to be singled out for our comprehensive knowledge of international education industry, which enables us to offer the whole range of programmes and develop long-term study pathways. This could hardly be possible without an ongoing support of our colleagues and soul mates from various areas, such as experienced school tutors, dedicated teachers of foreign languages, creative industries professionals, fitness coaches and so on. Therefore, we are able to offer packaged and fully-integrated education abroad solutions that make the most ambitious goals possible.

We have a diversified clientele varying from young learners to top executives. Our priority destination is the UK, we also work closely with our partners from Malta, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the US followed by the Western Europe locations.

Our clients most often choose summer vacation courses, academic English, general English, university pathways, tuition in teacher's home and teacher's training courses. Among our specific products are tailor-made programmes for young sportmen whose level vary from amateur to professional and short-term school integration courses.

Our counselors have all the necessary qualifications and years of work experience, key staff is ITAC and EducationUK certified. We studied abroad ourselves and fully share our clients' thirst for knowledge and desire to learn.

We are happy to be a small-sized 'boutique' agency as this means that we can cater for the most complicated requests, build personal relationships with our clients and treat every student as the most special one.

Please visit the Partner's zone of our website for further information.

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