EN Education
Contact Martin Wilson
Address 28A Queensway, Bayswater Business Centre, London, W2 3RX
Country United Kingdom
Telephone +44 20 71704015
Website www.eneducation.co.uk
Email info@eneducation.co.uk

EN Education has 15 years of experience in recruiting and placing students from the Middle East at educational institutions in the UK. It has entered an exciting new phase of its business which includes the expansion of its target markets and of the services it provides. Since September 2013, we have enrolled 300 students at higher education institutions and the majority of these students are fully sponsored. At present, we work largely with students from GCC countries and the MENA region, but we are also developing our services for students in China.

EN helps students to plan their study in a wide range of subjects and at various different levels. We work with language school applicants, undergraduate, postgraduate and research candidates as well as young learners who require long or short stay residential programmes. We have over 40 partners in the UK and Ireland and are constantly striving to expand our network of education providers.

As well as student placement services, EN also provides supplementary services to its students. These include translation services through our sister-company EN Translation, accommodation and travel support through our dedicated provider, insurance advice and booking, as well as proofreading of academic documents.

We aim to be the one-stop-shop for our clients and we believe we can continue on our path to this goal through working with English UK.

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