WEP International
Contact Alain Maboge
Address Avenue de Jette 26, Brussels, 1081
Country Belgium
Telephone +32 2 534 53 50
Website www.wep.org
Email info@wep.org

September 9, 1988 marked the birth of a dream for two young friends from Belgium, and WEP was born... But how did it all begin? To start, WEP focused on sending young Belgians as exchange students to the U.S. and continuing to receive Americans in Europe. Business formulas for high school exchange, developed and proposed by WEP in Europe, were very successful, and WEP reputation was quickly established. WEP was considered a more flexible, professional, and more 'human' and innovative in its approach than most other operators at the time. Meanwhile, in Turin, Italy, a small WEP-Italy branch was born. Again, the success followed, and Italy embraced the young and energetic team of WEP. Today, after more than 24 years since the program's inception, WEP has fully operational offices in several countries of the world:Argentina, Australia, Belgium, France and Itlay. Every year nearly 5,000 young people around the world rely on WEP for a unique experience to 'learn & discover the world." The desire for new projects, innovation and search for program formulas adapted to the new generations has always been at the heart of the WEP team.

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