Jóvenes en UK
Contact Maria Mercere
Address Ayacucho 1231, 3A, Buenos Aires, 1111
Country Argentina
Telephone +54 (9) 11 34945700
Website www.jovenesenuk.com
Email maria@jovenesenuk.com

Jóvenes en UK (JUK) organizes academic programmes in London, Cambridge and Oxford among other iconic cities, which are developed in the best English schools in the United Kingdom and accredited by the British Council among other recognised international organizations such as English UK. They have been designed for secondary students, young adults and adults.

The aim is that JUK students improve the use of the English Language in all skills, so that they can interact not only in different personal, working scenarios, but also in the professional and academic areas.

This unforgettable experience includes cultural visits and outings in London, Cambridge, Oxford, Windsor, Bath, Stonehenge and Brighton among other wonderful locations and landmarks in the UK.

Moreover, it includes a social programme in which students are invited to take part while socializing with learners from all over the world.

Besides, we have also designed a leadership programme as a part of the study trip we organise in July open to all Argentine students willing to participate in this unforgettable group experience.

We do care about all the details before and during the trip till the very moment they come back to our country.

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