UK Partners
Contact Hernan Piazzo
Address Pasaje Centenario 162, Buenos Aires, C1405CJB
Country Argentina
Telephone +54 11 49018869

At UK Partners we strive to give the best possible experience to anyone travelling with us, anywhere in the world.

We pride ourselves in our teaching background, as it is this that makes our every trip unique. Travelling, we are sure, is the best opportunity to learn about different cultures and have life-changing experiences that stick with us forever.

This is why our main goal is to lead you through every step of the way: from the moment you first contact us to your return home. We are always ready to help and advise you throughout the whole process. We guarantee a quick and efficient answer to any question you might have.

No matter how you choose to travel the world: with a group, on your own, to study, for business or pleasure, we will be working to live up to your expectations.

Travel the world with UK Partners.

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