Contact Nataliya Taratuta
Address 1 a Ivana Akinfeeva Str, Dnepr, Dnepropetrovsk region, 49027
Country Ukraine
Telephone +380675601117

CO.ED was founded in 2018 by Nataliya Taratuta
(M.A/ITAC 0211/CCG 00516/CELTA ccpf 656965), who had been the co-owner of TME Education Abroad & TME Languages company for 11 years since 2007.
We promote short and long term language courses for both children and adults, holiday courses for groups and individuals, long term academic programs (foundation, direct university, college, boarding schools placements) in the UK, the USA, Canada , Switzerland, Austria, Germany etc. We aim to be the part of English UK Partner agency scheme, Quality English agency as well as British Boarding Schools Connected Member in the meantime. We see attending educational fairs on a regular basis as an essential means in establishing and developing strong partnership and consider FAM tours to be the most powerful tool enabling us to promote the educational institutions properly.We are passionate about what we do always striving to find the proper fit for both the client and the educational institution.
It is thought to be a cliche and almost every education abroad agency or consultancy claim that, but we genuinely strive to do our best to meet the clients' requests. We do consider every enquiry, case by case, with utmost attention to all aspects and every detail.
Whether it comes to working out the academic routes and pathways possibilities, when discussing the future students' vision and expectations, or just answering numerous parents and children' s questions - we tend to be absolutely honest and objective at all times, acting out of the clients' interest first of all, albeit abiding in accordance with the education abroad industry code of practice without “coloring” the truth out of someone's interest or in favor of high commission rate on offer.
We realize that the decision which is to be made by a potential student and his or her parents with our immediate assistance can be a life turning point for all parts therefore practice a responsible approach to the clients’ requests.
The object of our special pride is quite a high rate of returning students and clients

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