Paradise London
Contact Jorg Strein
Address 115 Sienna Alto, 2 Cornmill Lane, London, SE13 7FZ
Country International
Telephone +44 777 184 7252

We, Paradise, have been operating since 1996 in Russia.
In 2015 we opened Paradise London where we deal mainly with our international clients.
In Russia we operate under the name Paradise SAN Ltd. which deals with our Russian clients.

Every year we send about 400+ pupils abroad to boarding schools in the UK and Switzerland, plus groups and individuals to summer camps and language schools in the UK, Switzerland, Canada and the USA.

Last year we send 55 pupils to UK boarding schools and about 150 to various summer camps and language schools.

We work with a network of international partner agents in countries such as the UK, Spain, China, Canada, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

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