UK Education Hub Limited
Contact Abdullah Arafat
Address 101 Commercial Road , London, london, E1 1RD
Country United Kingdom
Telephone +447934558984

Education Hub Limited (EHL) is an educational consultancy firm with global recognition and reputation. EHL advise and assist international students who want to pursue their higher education abroad.

We believe that education is the fundamental rights of human being and everyone should have access to quality higher education which is providing by the EHL since 2015. With this view in mind, we help the students with concrete information as well as advice an appropriate manner based on his or her educational backgrounds. Here at EHL, we are providing opportunities for those who have genuine aspirations and honest intentions to obtain a higher degree from abroad.

We have a number of partner universities and colleges in several countries. In association with the universities and colleges, we are delivering the required services to our students in a professional and reliable manner. We follow the British Council’s “Guide to Good Practice for Education Agents” to assure the accuracy of the information, tier-4 guidance for the UK, and other rules and regulations have been introduced by the government in the country to country basis. Moreover, our activities also incorporate within the guidelines of English UK.

In addition, we are maintaining a professional code of conduct, ethical aspects, moral and personal values in order to remain high standard in services and recruiting students from our regions.

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