Brand New English
Contact Nicole Dunkerley
Address 3 Elmstone Gardens, Cliftonville, Kent, CT79HS
Country United Kingdom
Telephone +447478620062

Brand New English was established in 2014 with a mission to instil a true passion for the English language and its use. We believe this is an opportunity available to everyone and anyone, so have always offered a portfolio of services tailored to each different customer group, from young learners to highly established working professionals. We run international long and short term courses, as well as offering study holidays in the U.K., U.S., Italy and South Africa and work experience opportunities.. We believe in an approach to language teaching based on interactive lessons centred on communicative English. This has allowed our work to bridge the gaps of learning difficulties, as well as differences in age and abilities, with a method that has allowed each and every one of our students to find and reach their full potential. Brand New English specialises in teaching students with learning difficulties, thanks to one of our directors being a child psychologist and psychotherapist specialised in this area. Our group leaders are qualified teachers of English, native English speakers, and only speak English with our students.

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