Business Link
Contact Valeria Samborskaya
Address "Illinsky" Business Centre, Floor 6, Entrance 8, 8 Illinskaya Street, Kiev, 04070
Country Ukraine
Telephone +38 0444942080

Business Link was set up in 1997 and is a highly specialised educational agency, linking British educators and Ukrainian students. Still exploring an 'emerging' market here in Ukraine, we've seen a stable growth in numbers over the years: now sending at least 500 students a year to Britain, of which about 50 are boarding school students (first year). For over 10 years we have managed our own English Business Training operation in Kiev for corporate clients. edUKation is a separate brand we use for promotion of the education in Britain side of out business, which has now become our core activity. Since 2005 students' placement to UK educational institutions became the focus of our development strategy. We are a team of 29 professionals, with 12 full-time client counsellors specialising in the UK, and a dedicated marketing team.

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