How to transform your teachers' experience and performance
24 February 2017

Managing the performance of your team is a skilled and delicate area that every good manager must master. It is frequently a source of stress, anxiety and even conflict but there are practical tips and effective tools to transform and support your team at hand!

Industry experts will share their insights and experience to take the stress out of addressing under-performance and classroom observations, to creating a rich, reflective learning structure at the English UK Management Conference on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 March in Edinburgh.

"Research shows that creating a learning culture for teachers is by far the most impactful action of educational leadership," says Gill Davidson, "But how do we make this happen? How do we avoid a tick box culture and instead foster reflective, creative and developmental practice?"

Gill, who taught around the world before discovering that she enjoyed teacher development as much as teaching, will help us answer these questions and move toward truly effective CPD that reflects organisational needs and encourage teachers to take control.

Sarah Shinnick, director of studies at Kaplan International Manchester, will challenge us to use critical reflection when evaluating and improving teachers' performance, and Fiona Barker, principal research manager at Cambridge English Language Assessment, will explain how to use action research for staff development.

To take the stress out of classroom observations Oxford House Barcelona experimented with guided reflection and video recordings. Teacher and teacher trainer Billie Haase, will explain how they put the observee in the driver's seat - and how they reacted.

Finally, Ryan Parmee and Dawn Harry, who will also deliver an opening plenary, will tackle under-performance. Ryan, director of studies at EC Cambridge, will share his experience of managing an underperforming team, while Dawn will help us structure and improve management with the help of PIPs - performance improvement plans.

With all the above and sessions on technology, young learners, exams and accreditation, the two-day conference promises to be a must-attend event for all ELT and academic managers.


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