How to survive and prosper in the summer season
2 June 2017

Summer at an English language school can be challenging, exhausting and stressful, but it doesn't have to be like that, says Thom Jones, principal of SBC's Oxford College International Summer School.

"We all get to September, collapse in a weeping heap and say "never again!" But it doesn't have to be like that," he says.

In his closing session at the English UK Get Ready for Summer Conference on Sunday 11 June, Thom will look at management of successful summer programmes and how to get the best out of staff, students and your surroundings.

"The session will be a whistle-stop tour to help you ensure the summer is worthwhile and – a key point that is often missed – that your summer is enjoyable."

Thom Jones is a regular guest lecturer at several universities around the world and he has years of experience in the ELT sector, making him an expert on the topic. He will cover engagement, coping mechanisms and why we make the same mistakes again and again, giving you advice and tips on how to make your next summer school term a success.

As well as tips on enjoying the season, our Get Ready for Summer Conference will cover professional development during the short summer term; staff motivation; sourcing resources for junior summer centres; and how to handle difficult student behaviour.


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