Better market knowledge = better marketing
25 January 2018

Want to attract more students from Thailand, Turkey, China or Japan? Get all the information you need at the English UK Marketing Conference with our expert sessions.

The London event will include the launch of the English UK/ British Council market report on Thailand by its author, ELT consultant Hannah Alexander-Wright, as well as individual sessions on prospects in the other three countries.

"I have relied on these reports for years and wanted to create a report which was valuable to my colleagues in the industry... which I think I have done. Researching it, I was surprised by the potential that exists in the market, and how few ELT institutions take advantage of Thai university partnerships," says Hannah, adding that she's written it as a marketing and recruitment professional, for marketing and recruitment professionals.

She has created a practical "how to" guide, with sections on context, opportunities and barriers to student recruitment, and marketing and recruitment for ELT institutions. Practical information and advice include the discounts and commissions that agents want, and how often they want to be visited, events to attend, the importance of social media, digital tools and essential contacts. It also includes the results of two major questionnaires completed by students and agents, and everyone at the conference will get a hard copy.

The sessions on Japan, Turkey and China each have a different focus. Shoko Docherty of Celtic English will run the Japanese session, looking at issues including building good relationships with agents, perception and trends for the UK. She will also give more details on the Tobitate scholarships for young learners, and the opportunities for teacher training of primary and secondary teachers, and the government emphasis on teaching English.

David Mitchell of Levant Education will discuss the effects of the current political situation in Turkey on the motivation to learn English and study abroad.

And a panel session will look specifically at practical ways of promoting your ELT offer online in China, using social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo and Yuku.

Market insights are one of four strands at the Marketing Conference, which will be held on Friday 9 February. Other strands are market information, digital marketing, branding, negotiating and global perspectives including trends and delivering ELT overseas, and there will be headline sessions from leaders in customer service and innovation and entrepreneurship.

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