Webinar: moving online and using Zoom: where are we now?
23 March 2020

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Webinar: moving online and using Zoom: where are we now? 

How are we in the EFL sector responding the current Coronavirus crisis? This is a short live online session to explore what we are doing and what is possible. As well as sharing ideas and best practices, we deliver a very hands on Zoom session that will demonstrate different ways to involve people and make your online lessons more effective. Webinar was ran twice on: Tuesday 24 March 2020 and Thursday 26 March 2020.

About the speaker: Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson

Andy has almost 20 years of experience in ELT as a trainer, director of studies and now director of London School Online.

Working with clients, stakeholders and industry specialists, Andy is passionate about applying new technologies and ideas to produce bespoke online training solutions and course delivery.

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