Elena from Spain shares her experience of learning English and gaining confidence in Bristol
19 July 2017

Elena Moreno is a 32-year-old teacher from Albacete in Spain. She is studying English at English UK member TEG English - Bristol (formerly known as Bristol Language College).

Hello Elena, why did you decide to study English in the UK?

I am going to need it for my job. I've been working as a school teacher for five years now but I need a good level of English, First Certificate or minimum, to continue to be a teacher. So that's why I am here. I taught children aged from three to six and I loved it. 

So you chose to come to an English school in Bristol?

First of all I came to work as an au pair with a family. It was lovely but you don't have time to study so I went to work in a restaurant as a kitchen porter for two months. Then I found a job in a nursery school for one year. It was good but I could not learn English because there were no English classes in the two so then a month or two ago I decided to leave the job and come here to Bristol which is bigger with more opportunities to study. 

How did you find TEG English?

I was looking for something not that expensive and I saw this was good quality and offered many social activities after your class. It's good because when I came here I was alone, I didn't know anyone and if I felt really alone here I can speak with everyone, make friends and have a lot of activities after your class. You can improve your English and mix lots of activities to improve your English. I am really happy.

What do you think of Bristol and your school?

I like the life here. I really like it when I walk here across the park and the streets. I really like the street parks here in Bristol and the shops and I like street art like Banksy. I really like the shops here. It's a little different here. You can see all the styles and buy your clothes for a good price.

What do you like best about the UK?

I really like to meet English people, to speak with them everyday, to get involved in the culture. I wanted to know what it is like living here with real English people. I like it.

Would you recommend it to others?

I recommend it to everyone. In the beginning it is hard because my English was awful. I couldn't speak anything then you are feeling really good. You are here alone, you be proud of yourself because you have more confidence in yourself you can speak with everyone and the experience is amazing. To know people you didn't know, it's amazing.


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