English UK signs up to post-Brexit recommendations
4 July 2017

Post-Brexit agreements should enable continuing freedom of movement for students and continue multilateral programmes such as Erasmus, according to recommendations endorsed by over 400 European organisations, including English UK.

The Our Shared European Future communique, aimed at Brexit negotiators, EU Governments and the European and UK Parliaments, was agreed in meetings across Europe, driven by organisations including the British Council.

English UK Chief Executive Sarah Cooper, who participated in the Madrid workshop, said: "This is a very positive way forward. It is important to think about what unites us, and these recommendations do just that. As educators, we understand the importance of students and young people being able to experience other cultures, and I am delighted that English UK has been part of this process."

The recommendations include:

  • Ease of movement for sectors including education, culture, science and research, creating special permits if necessary
  • Continued and enhanced participation in multilateral programmes such as Erasmus+ for UK institutions and individuals, with the UK government continuing to make financial contributions
  • Youth to be "proactively engaged" in Brexit policy-making in the UK and EU, with all young people to gain "inter-cultural and international experience" through study, work, language learning or other programmes or exchanges
  • Continuing recognition of professional qualifications between the UK and EU countries

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