More detailed English UK QUIC figures accompanied by small drop in student weeks
28 November 2018

Data on UK ELT's busiest quarter published by English UK today reveal a small drop in student weeks and greater insight into market behaviour.

Members of QUIC, English UK's quarterly reporting scheme, have provided more detailed data in 2018, making the quarter three peak season statistics particularly informative.

The summary report, available to all English UK members, also showed a year-on-year drop in Q3 student weeks for 59% of QUIC subscribers. Overall, there was a 2.2% reduction in student weeks for adults and 7.5% for juniors.

QUIC 2018 Q3 Chart 6

Roz McGill, who manages QUIC, said it was not yet clear what factors had caused the reduction in student weeks. "We do know that since last year some multi-centre organisations have reduced the number of seasonal centres they operate and moved into different markets, which is showing up as lower junior student week figures. Changes and delays to the PON scheme may also have caused a drop in the Italian figures."

QUIC statistics help English UK members to revise marketing plans quickly

She added: "Although any drop in student weeks is unwelcome for our members, the advantage of QUIC is that they know about it within weeks of the quarter's end, and are in a strong position to revise marketing plans swiftly.

"This is a benefit for all English UK members, but is particularly useful to QUIC members who receive the full report. Before QUIC, this type of data was only available once a year in our annual student statistics report."

Additional insight in this year's QUIC reports includes a breakdown of student weeks by booking type, detailed breakdowns and regional analysis of adult and junior course types, more comparative analysis, and regional classifications of individual multi-centre locations. The data is particularly valuable during quarter three, which is both the busiest of the year and when the junior market peaks.

English UK QUIC Q3 data: main points

  • Top five markets were Italy, China, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Turkey
  • Of the 396,783 student weeks, 64% were taken by adults and 36% juniors
  • Junior student weeks rose from 20,844 in Q1 2018 to 144,191 in Q3 2018, and group bookings from 19% in Q1 2018 to 34% in Q3 2018.
  • Countries with decreased student weeks year-on-year included Italy (17%), Korea (14%) and Switzerland (13%).
  • Countries increasing student weeks year-on-year were China (12%), Saudi Arabia (6%), Thailand (39%) and Chile (14%)

Make QUIC even more useful for your centre: look out for details next month on how to sign up for the 2019 scheme. Find out more about QUIC

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