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14 March 2019

We are proud to deliver the most comprehensive and timely data than any major English language speaking destination in the world.

We know that data and insight can be the key to making great business decisions, so we provide robust data to help the UK ELT industry thrive through our annual student statistics reporttargeted market reports and quarterly statistics initiative known as QUIC.

Patrik Pavalacic, of Bonard (formerly StudentMarketing), said: "We help support the relationship with UK government, so if there is any worry about social or economic impact, it is usually us cooperating with English UK on these reports."

Our QUIC initiative represents a true picture of the UK ELT sector - one that is valuable to all English UK member centres.

Patrick Murphy, of BLS English, said: "I have a responsibility to my staff by looking after jobs and keeping them going. How do I do that? By using the QUIC stats, I can benchmark and take necessary measures to keep things flowing."

Key findings from 2018

  • English UK member centres welcomed 497,028 English language students (an increase of 14%), who stayed for a total of 1,884,168 weeks (an increase of 5%)
  • Students under the age of 18 outnumbered adults and represented 53% of all enrolments in the UK ELT sector
  • The majority of junior weeks were spent in summer camp programmes (67%) in Q3
  • Saudi Arabia was the most significant contributor to the overall number of student weeks in Q4 (13.8% of all student weeks)
  • Q4 2018 saw an increase in the share of commissioned weeks in comparison to Q4 2017.
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