English UK Summit seminars: The adapted UK ELT student experience
7 September 2020

English UK Summit seminars: the adapted UK ELT student experience

Adapted ukelt student experience seminars

Seminars | Monday 14 September | 08:00 - 18:15

The English UK Summit takes place on Monday 14 - Wednesday 16 September.

On the Monday we are offering a day of free seminars for English UK members and agents who work with UK ELT. 

The UK ELT student experience sessions are useful for agents and members who want to know how UK English language centres are reopening safely, how accreditation is adapting, and what the new UK student experience will look like.

Members and agents are also welcome to join our other seminars on market opportunities and regulations. See the full seminar timetable.

How are UK English language centres reopening safely?

Monday 14 September | 8:55 – 9:45 UK time

In this session, Kevin O'Donnell will outline what students can now expect when studying English in the UK, and the measures that English UK members are taking to ensure students have a safe and enjoyable time during their courses

Kevin produced English UK's detailed Covid-19 secure guidance for English UK members – covering all aspects of provision from classrooms, offices and accommodation to transport, activities and excursions.

Kevin O'Donnell is a freelance trainer who specialises in safeguarding and audit compliance. He has managed year round ELT schools for adults and juniors and multiple summer centres. He is a member of the British Council ASAC. 

British Council Accreditation developments, update for agents

Monday 14 September | 10:00 – 10:45 UK time

In this session Liz McLaren will reflect on how the ELT sector is changing, and outline how the Accreditation UK scheme is developing so that it continues to ensure the quality and safety of UK provision. This session is specifically for the perspective of agents and Language Tour Operators.

Liz McLaren works for the British Council, where she manages the Accreditation UK quality assurance scheme. Accreditation UK sets and monitors the standards for ELT provision in the UK, and promotes the pursuit of excellence in professional standards in all aspects of that provision.

The student exprience for juniors - staying safe and enjoying learning English

Monday 14 September | 11:00 – 11:45 UK time

Join Neil McLoughlin and Sarah Etchells of Young Learners English UK to hear about how English UK centres are making sure that junior provision remains fun and effective, both for online tuition and for the return of face to face teaching.

Young Learners English UK works together to provide their members with a service to help them achieve and maintain high standards within the Young Learner market. They provide industry specific training as well as an online forum for it members with advice. They have all worked within the industry for many years and sit on various other boards.

Neil McLoughlin has been involved in the summer school industry for 12 years and has been the director of BOSS since BOSS was born in 2011. His role involves finding all of the wonderful students and staff who come to BOSS as well as directing the courses that he has spent a year preparing once they are up and running.

Sarah Etchells taught in Greece for five years before setting up her own summer language school for children and teenagers, English Country Schools. She is the joint chair of Young Learners English UK and has special responsibility for welfare

The student experience - learning in school and online

Monday 14 September | 13:30 – 14:10 UK time

This session will highlight the quality, methods and different options for learning English, especially with options of online and face to face learning. There will be input from ELT experts, and the chance to ask questions.

Chris Farrell is the head of training and development with the CES Group. He is a teacher, a trainer, and an academic manager. In addition, he lectures in University College Dublin, tutors with NILE, and has been involved with various consultancy projects on course development and training.

Shaun Douglas is the director of studies at Capital School of English, Bournemouth. After working as a teacher in Summer schools in the UK, he moved abroad and worked in several schools with kids, teenagers and adults.

Thom Kiddle's role at NILE involves strategic and organisational management, and training and consultancy in a range of areas. Thom is also treasurer and founding director of AQUEDUTO.

The student experience - social programme

Monday 14 September | 14:25 – 15:05  UK time

This session will concentrate on what students can expect in addition to their classroom experience, with examples of how the UK can still offer a fantastic experience for students in country. 

Justin Quinn is the CEO of Centre of English Studies (CES) & the Chair of EAQUALS. CES has 6 schools in the UK, one school in Dublin, Ireland and in Toronto in Canada. Justin has been in the EFL sector for 30 years and is a past board member of ACELS and MEI in Ireland.

Spencer Fordham is the managing director and cofounder of Capital School of English in Bournemouth. Spencer and his wife Paulina started Capital 18 years ago and remain hands on owners day to day. Spencer has worked in International Education for 25 years. He works globally and has travelled extensively around the world working with Schools, Universities and Government Departments. Spencer sits on the main board of Directors at English UK, the National Association of English Language Providers in the UK.

The student experience - accommodation

Monday 14 September | 15:20 – 16:00 UK time

Many English UK member centres have reopened, and measures have been taken to ensure accommodation is safe for students. 

Join this session to find out how different student accommodation options have been adapted to make sure students are safe, and the chance to ask questions to a panel of experts.

Harsha Shivdasani is operations director at Hosts International. Hosts International is a British Council registered provider of accommodation services for students, interns, groups, executives and individuals of all ages, specialising in homestay accommodation across the UK and Southern Ireland.

Michele da Silva is owner of Britannia Student Services. Britannia Student Services is one of London's leading student accommodation providers, offering international students of all ages the best and widest choice of places to stay.

Martyn Duguid is chief operations officer at The Stay Club and Stay Campus London, delivering operational excellence across the student living, co-living and coeducational operating platforms.

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Not yet booked to join us at the English UK Summit? Members and agents who work with ELT are welcome to join our seminar programme for free on Monday 14 September.

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