English with... fantastic sports facilities
11 January 2017

Loughborough is an ordinary English town with a university and a college. But if it was counted as a country, it would have come 17th in the medal table at the Rio Olympics, and 10th in the Paralympics.

That's because Loughborough is renowned for its sport. Many athletes study at the college and university there and the facilities are used by the GB team for training. 

Those same facilities can be used by any student at English UK member Loughborough College, including all of those studying English, or those on summer or winter school courses.

Mark Henebury, who runs international courses at the college, says they want to promote the sporting facilities to agents and students. "We do get students here who want to improve their English before moving on to study for their degree at Loughborough College or at the university, and a lot of those are drawn to the sports courses. 

"But we think a lot of students and agents have no idea of what's here. The college and the university share a single Students' Union, which means everyone studying with us can join a university team or use the sporting facilities.

"We actively encourage them to do something in the Students' Union - it helps them get friends outside the college and improve their English. So every opportunity we have, we take the students there to get signed up and push them to take part," he says, adding: "It doesn't have to be sports. They do everything from hot air ballooning to radio broadcasting."

Students on Loughborough College's winter and summer schools also get the chance to take part in sport at the world-class facilities, with English lessons in the morning and activities in the afternoon.

English UK member offer all sorts of courses, from English and computer coding to English and mining, or English + golf to legal English with a lawyer.


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