Making big decisions around digital marketing? Get practical help at the English UK Marketing Conference
6 February 2018

Making big decisions around your digital marketing? Managing IT experts (and you're not one)? Get practical help at the English UK Marketing Conference

How do you manage the people who know loads about digital stuff – but make sure you've got enough information to manage everyday stuff and big projects? How do you decide between direct sales, agents and portals?

If either of these scenarios sound familiar, the English UK Marketing Conference this Friday has two specialist sessions just for you, both run by ELT and digital marketing specialist Richard Bradford.

And that's not all: Philipe Taza of Higher Education Marketing is offering a session on digital marketing sessions to increase direct enquiries for language schools, Ross Holmes of ICEF has strategies to help you recruit more students through your website, Sam Bufton of the V1 Media Group has advice on social media content and there's also what promises to be a fascinating seminar on marketing in China using local sites such as WeChat and Baidu.

No other event is aimed specifically at ELT marketers, our programme is designed to meet your very specific needs, and it's not too late to book your place!

Join us, and you can enjoy a mix of big names in marketing and customer service, plus specialist sessions from industry experts. There's plenty of choice across five different strands: market information, digital marketing, branding, negotiating and global perspectives including trends and delivering ELT overseas.

Richard, who runs English UK's Digital Marketing Bootcamp training sessions believes many managers in smaller ELT centres don't have the confidence to properly manage digital marketing projects and in particular the website which can become an annoying item on a to-do list, rather than something where they are comfortable leading on a strategy.

He is planning a "lighthearted" session, Ten Steps To Digital Enlightenment, to cover some of these issues and help people manage this aspect of marketing better. In his second session, Direct, Portal or Agent? Richard and an industry panel talk through the pros and cons of each different marketing approach – with, as Richard says, no one correct answer but a useful debate.

Other highlights of the conference include plenaries from Linda Moir, whose creation of the volunteer Games Maker teams at London 2012 sold the UK to the world and Sahar Hashemi, an entrepreneurship guru who founded the Coffee Republic chain, and who has lots to say on identifying and seizing opportunities and creating an entrepreneurial mindset.

There's the launch of our practical report on the Thai market, and a unique chance to improve your public speaking, communication and other soft skills through a drama workshop with actor Adam Milford.

All of this, including delicious refreshments, breakfast and lunch, and a post-event drinks reception, can be yours for the English UK member price of £290 (and £350 for non-members).


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