Community, ads and a friendly chatbot: developing your digital presence
15 January 2020

Marketing Conference 2019 speaker session 600w

Community, ads and a friendly chatbot: developing your digital presence

Are you making the most of your social media presence? With huge reach, instant sharing, and a sense of community, social media can drive bookings for your centre and needn't cost the earth. If you want ideas and confidence going forwards, we've got a set of sessions for you at the Marketing Conference on Friday 7 February.

James O'Donnell and Chris Bruno will help you put the social back in social media by making the most of your online community; Abby Coften will show you how to put your course on the map with Facebook Ads and the latest algorithm changes; and, if you have been thinking about using a chatbot, join Luke Simmons for a how-to and best practice for your 24-hour assistant.

Paired with sessions on effective content marketing, SEO and customer journey mapping, this conference is sure to make sure you get noticed online. And we'll be curing your social media ailments in our social media clinic, run by Richard Bradford of Disquiet

The day will open with a plenary from editor in chief and then chief executive during a period of critical change for Time Out magazine. Tim Arthur will share lessons from leading the Time Out brand to success and expansion through creativity, innovation and a relentless focus on the customer.

Then, before a social drinks reception sponsored by Disquiet Dog, we will be inspired by someone who rose to the top of their sport, became an Olympian and Britain's most successful female kayaker. Anna Hemmings will share her tale of triumph over adversity leaving us feeling positive and ready to implement new ideas back in the office on Monday.


Abby Coften 130x170

Facebook ads: targeting your ads internationally in 2020 with Abby Coften

Used well, Facebook Ads can put your courses on the map – used badly, you could be throwing money away. This session will have updates on Facebook's latest algorithm changes and new features, and ideas for content, strategies and measuring impact so you can make the most of Facebook.

James ODonnell Chris Bruno

Putting the social back in social media with James O'Donnell and Chris Bruno

Putting the 'social' back in 'social media' – leveraging your community, with SocialInk: with students travelling to the UK for the time of their lives, ELT centres have a ready-made community of people and stories to tap into.

This talk will give you ideas to make the most of your online community.

Luke Simmons 130x170

What is a 'customer service chatbot' and do I need one? with Luke Simmons

Used well, chatbots (those little 'can I help you' pop ups) can make your website more social, increase bookings and reduce your customer service team's workload.

If you are new to chatbots, or have been thinking about using one, come to this session for an overview and best practice tips for your 24-hour assistant.

 Richard Bradford 130x180

Social media drop in clinic with Richard Bradford

Do you have a problem with social media that you are too embarrassed to as colleagues about? Do you have a social media issue that needs a professional opinion? 

This is a relaxed, open environment for you to share your issue with Dr Bradford*, a trained (non-medical) professional and social media expert who will help to recommend the right treatment. 

If you cannot make this clinic, or need a second check-up, join the English UK Digital Marketing Bootcamp.

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